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😏 How to Start
😏 How to Start

Begin your AutoIGDM adventure with simple steps to greatly increase your Instagram impact. Here's how to kick things off.

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Watch this First video of our full Tutorial Playlist on Youtube to get started!

  1. Signing Up ✍️
    Start with a 7-day free trial for the Starter plan to see what AutoIGDM can do. This is your first step to better Instagram messaging.
    If you need more seats for multiple Instagram accounts, choose any Agency-Plan that suits you.

  2. Installing AutoIGDM
    Make sure the Chrome extension is added to your browser.

  3. Logging In
    Use the email you signed up with on to log in to the Extension.
    ​For Agency Plans: You receive separate login details for each account. Use a different login for each Chrome Profile.

  4. Setting Up Your Account
    Use our video-guides to get your account ready to go in 10 Minutes.

  5. Log into Instagram
    Log into on Chrome. AutoIGDM will recognise your account. No password needed for autoIGDM.

  6. Start sending automated DMs
    After setting up your campaign you can simply press the Play Button to start sending 50DMs on auto-pilot. Good Luck with your campaign πŸ’Έ

Warming Up Your Instagram Account Before you start sending automated messages, make your account activity look natural to avoid setting off Instagram's alerts:

  1. Manual Engagement Spend a couple of days liking posts and interacting with content to warm up your account.

  2. Natural Browsing Just use Instagram as you usually would. Look through your feed, watch stories, and check out new profiles.

  3. Ease Into AutoIGDM Start with fewer messages and slowly send more as your account adjusts.

These steps help you smoothly introduce AutoIGDM's messaging automation into your Instagram routine, avoiding issues and improving your reach.

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