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💬 What AutoIGDM does
💬 What AutoIGDM does

Send 50 DMs per day safe and automated on Instagram! And even more if you want!

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Reach out to thousands of potential customers with one click.

This could be your account:

AutoIGDM is a Chrome extension that helps you send Instagram messages automatically, acting like a human 🤖. This means you can talk to lots of people without doing it all by hand. Here’s a breakdown of its solution:

  • Acts like a human: AutoIGDM sends messages on Instagram 📱 in a way that seems real. This stops Instagram from thinking you're spamming and keeps your account safe.

  • Works on its own: Once you set it up, AutoIGDM does the messaging work for you 🚀. Just click once a day, and it sends out messages for you, saving you lots of time.

  • Follows Instagram’s rules: AutoIGDM makes sure not to break Instagram’s limits on messages 🛑. It sends messages at a safe pace so your account won’t get in trouble.

  • Easy to use: The AutoIGDM tool fits right into your Chrome browser and Instagram, making the whole process of sending messages smooth from start to finish 🔄.

  • Safe and smart: AutoIGDM keeps your Instagram safe while working efficiently. It uses advanced tech to handle your data without mixing it up with your Instagram directly.

AutoIGDM is great for anyone who wants to get more out of Instagram without spending all their time on it. It’s careful to follow the rules and keeps your account safe while talking to your audience.

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